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Company History


To the World beyond Asia SOARCOM

Mission entrusted to SOARCOM is only one. It’s the wide distribution and revitalization of electronic soft-tip darts machine which is the result of entirely our own technological integration by our aggressive marketing activities in Korea and abroad. SOARCOM will do our utmost until we upgrade our Darts Culture a step further together with the customers and stand on the world stage with having our domestic technology


2010.11 Participated IAAPA expo. in U.S.A.
2010.11 Participated G-Star in korea
2010.09 ATHROW BELLUM Italian exports
2010.08 ATHROW BELLUM MOU for export to Japan
2010.08 ATHROW BELLUM CE Certificate / venture company
2010.06 Finished development of On-line electronic soft-tip darts game
2010.05 Participated in “GTI Expo” in Taiwan
2010.04 ATHROW BELLUM entered into Hong Kong initially
2010.03 Contracted export to Hong Kong
2010.03 Participated in SPOEX 2000
2010.02 ISPO Munich 2010 in Germany
2010.01 Acquired certificate of R&D dedicated department
2009.12 Acquired certificate of ISO 9001,14001
2009.11 Finished of initial version of ATHROW BELLUM & ATHROW RENO
2009.10 Participated in Sports Source Asia in Hong Kong
2009.09 Participated in 2009 TOKYO GAME SHOW in Japan
2009.08 Started to develop Digital Electronic Darts
2009.07 Founded Soarcom Co. Ltd as corporation
2009.05 Finished the development of 1st beta version of ATHROW Electronic soft-tip darts Device
2008.05 Finished the development of Pilot System of Electronic soft-tip Darts
2007.01 Started to develop Operation Program of ATHROW Digitalized Electronic Soft-tip Darts machine
2006.12 Concluded Arrangement for Joint Development of Digital Electronic Darts with Yonhap Tech Co. Ltd


2010 Participated IAAPA expo. in U.S.A. 2010 Participated G-Star in korea 2010 ISPO Munich 2010 in Germany
2009 TOKYO GAME SHOW in Japan 2009 ATHROW BELLUM entered into Hong Kong initially