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ARCADE DARTS MACHINE Specifications and details

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Live Video Online Match
a-darts Topped with a 27 Inch LED monitor making live video online match possible with people all around the world.
And also enjoy online tournaments and leagues.

High Performance Dual HD Cameras
a-darts Dual HD Cameras provide simultaneously,live and vivid display of the opponent and their dart board allowing any mislead games to be seen.

3-Directional LED Lights
a-darts Attached 3-directional LED lightings provide enhanced visibility and stability on the target giving the players an improved cocentration and accuracy for creating a complete dart game environment Dart Board Minimized bounce-out and intensified impact sensitivity.

22 Inch Touch Screen Panel
a-darts Easy-to-use controls and outstandingly live game environment!
Designed ergonomically with full touch screen effect to greatly improve visual-effects and convenience in game controls and operation.

a-darts Register an A-DARTS membership card through the ATHROWIAN website & app to take advantage of the exclusive features such as SNS Community, Ranking, Tournaments, Items, Chatting, and much more!

Dynamic 2.1 Channel Surround Sound
a-darts Installed with a powerful 2.1 channel stereo surround sound speakers & woofer that provides a stimulating sound quality for a thrilling dart game experience.