ARCADE DARTS MACHINE Specifications and details

BELLUME Arcade Darts Machine BELLUME Arcade Darts Machine BELLUME Arcade Darts Machine

BELLUME Arcade Darts Machine

RED Zone: Single Bull(50 points )
BLUE Zone: Double Bull(50 points )
Triple (Three times in the score) Double (Two times in the score) Single (The score)

As shown above figure, 1~20 are divided with 3 segments comprising Single, Double and Triple from 1 to 20 and 2 segments comprising Single Bull and Double Bull are in the center. It totals to 62 segments (Single is divided into 2 segments and if calculated based on it, it totals to 82 segments. In single segment, number itself written on the outside is scored. And, Single segment is divided by the border of triple Ring. Outside single segment is called as Outer Single and inside single segment as Inner Single, but the score is obtained by single point all the same. For double segment, double segment shall score double the segment and triple segment shall score treble the segment number.

Double segment is also known to as Double Ring and triple segment as Triple Ring because triple segment looks ring if respective segment is linked. Single Bull is outside the center and Double Bull is inside the center. Single Bull is also known to as Outer Bull and Double Bull as Inner Bull. In generic terms, they were called as Bull. And, single bull shall score 25 points (game played by the number to be one) and double bull shall score 50 points (game played by the number to be two). Double Bull is also acknowledged as one of Double Bull when Double Finish is played in 501 games which is the most official game in the international tournaments. Except above case, all is regarded as zero point.

BELLUME Arcade Darts Machine ATHROW BELLUM electronic soft-tip darts machine, arcade style is intended so that users can make easier use of darts game by computer programming of complicated scoring system in darts game. In addition, its ergonomically designed Full Touch Screen reduces body burden, embodies optimal visual effect and realizes the convenience of controlling and operation. Because On-Line information processing is possible and information can be provided by Web Server, you can review or register your own data anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can not only manage game data but also enjoy online game or online tournament.